Phoenix Telecom Solutions

Provides New And Reuse Equipment
To Our Global Wireless Service
Provider Customer Base

wireless network equipment

Phoenix Telecom Solutions provides new and refurbished wireless network equipment to a global customer base. Both our new and refurbished wireless network equipment is built by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Our refurbished wireless network equipment is thoroughly tested and warranted or new from the OEM.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions new wireless network equipment come with the OEM warranty which is transferred to our customers. Our refurbished equipment comes with a standard 12 month warranty but we also offer extended warranties on most of our products, which can extend your warranty protection up to 60 months.

Below is a partial list of wireless network equipment available from Phoenix Telecom Solutions:

GSM Base Stations Pico

Ericsson – RBS 2205
Motorola – M-Cell2
Nokia – InSite Base Station
Siemens – BS242, BS82

SM Base Stations Micro

Alcatel – Evolium 9100
Ericsson – RBS 2302, RBS 2401
Motorola – Horizonmicro2, Horizoncompact2
Nokia – MetroSite Base Station, ConnectSite 10 BTS
Nortel – S2000H, S2000L, S8002
Siemens – BS40, BS41, BS82
Huawei – UAP – 3081 – UMTS Femto Cell

GSM Base Stations Macro

Alcatel – Evolium 9100 MBS
Ericsson – RBS 2102, 2202, 2106, 2206
Motorola – Horizon macro
Nokia – Ultra Site Base Station, Connect Site 100 BTS
Nortel – eMobility iBTS, S8000, S12000, S18000, S6000
Siemens – BS240, BS240XL, BS241
Huawei – BTS3036A

CDMA Base Stations Pico

Ericsson – CMS 11 RBS 1102
Nortel – CDMA MiniCell
Lucent – Flexent CDMA Distributed
Samsung – Pico BTS

CDMA Base Stations Micro

Ericsson – CMS 11 RBS 1103
Lucent – Flexent CDMA Microcell
Nortel – CDMA MetroCell, 3030, 3031 and 3032
Motorola – SC480, SC4812
Samsung – MiniBTS

CDMA Base Stations Macro

Lucent – Flexent CDMA Modular/1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
Samsung – SCBS 308/319, Standard BTS, Subway BTS
Motorola – SC4812T-MC, SC4812-Lite, SC300

WCDMA Node Bs Macro

Alcatel – Evolium 9100 MBS
Ericsson – RBS 3202, RBS 3101
Lucent – OneBTS Node B
NEC – NB 530 Macro Indoor, NB-440 Macro Indoor
Nokia – UltraSite WCDMA Base Station
Siemens – NB-440/441, NB-88x series

Base Station Controllers (BSC)

Huawei Technologies – BSC-6000
Alcatel – Evolium Base Station Controller 9120 BSC
Ericsson – CDMA 2000 Base Station Controller, BSC (GSM)
Nokia – BSC2i, BSC3i
Nortel – Base Station Controller (BSCe3)
Lucent – Flexent Base Station Controller

Microwave Radios (Licensed and Unlicensed)

Adtran – Tracer
Nera – CityLink, InterLink, FlexLink, CompactLink, Evolution Series
Proxim – GigaLink, Lynx, Tsunami
And numerous other technologies, manufactures and configurations supporting 2.5G, 3.G, 3.5G, LTE and WiMax.