Phoenix Telecom Solutions

Eternal Renewal

The phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird, born in Greek, Egyptian and Chinese mythology that is said to have a 500 to 1000 year lifecycle. At the end of its lifecycle the phoenix builds a nest of twigs, collecting with them cinnamon, spikenard and myrrah and with its last breath ignites both the nest and itself reducing them to ashes. Out of those ashes comes a new phoenix, reborn to live again.

The phoenix exemplifies our company. We help our customers continue to renew their networks by bringing new life into their operations. Phoenix Telecom Solutions provides its global customers with new, certified reuse (refurbished) equipment, remanufacturing services, asset remarketing, professional technical and maintenance services, including repair & exchange and spare parts management. Phoenix supports the growing unique demands of Service Providers and OEMs and large enterprise organizations with legacy and next generation networks. Phoenix understands the requirement for alternative sources of telecommunications equipment and professional services that are required to reduce capital and operating budgets and is confident that our solutions offer an exceptional value.