Phoenix Telecom Solutions takes great pride in conducting business with the highest standards of Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics. We believe it is our collective responsibility as business leaders to communicate our Corporate Governance Policies, contributing to the long-term health and sustainability of our employees, our community and our environment. Phoenix Corporate Policies are included below:

Quality Policy: “We will conform to, or exceed, the requirements of our customers. We will do this by utilizing our management structure and our quality management system, which has as its foundation, a focus on customer satisfaction and continual improvement. This Quality Policy creates superior value in all our customer relationships and provides the basis for our long term success.”

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Policy: “Phoenix is committed to providing Telecom Service Providers, major OEMs and End-User organizations with quality telecom products and services, delivered on-time, that they are unable to obtain from their existing supply chain providers, in a manner that protects the environment, worker’s health and safety, our customers and community.”

Our commitment to the quality and reliability of our equipment and services is backed by TL9000 and ISO 9001:2008 certification by NQA USA.


The Senior Management team at Phoenix Telecom Solutions considers quality in several different dimensions as it is integrated into our business model:

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Being a top telecommunications equipment supplier and professional services provider, Phoenix Telecom Solutions believes strongly in customer service, client satisfaction and the need to measure our product and service performance and to share them with our clients. We regularly perform customer satisfaction surveys and hold feedback sessions with our customers in areas of quote responsiveness, on-time deliveries, and equipment failures and returns evaluations, accuracy of invoicing and shipments and packaging. In addition to regular feedback sessions, customers are encouraged to voice their opinions on our website at

Operations and Continual Improvement

The proper movement and handling of goods and materials are paramount to the success of our quality program. Each one of our material handlers is trained in our ISO 9001:2008 procedures for proper receiving, handling, storage, testing, packaging and shipment of telecommunications equipment; maintaining our workstations in static free zones and protected from ESD damage. As a telecommunications equipment supplier and professional services provider these precautions are necessary to ensure the proper handling of all the products provided. All circuit boards and FRUs are individually packaged in antistatic or ESD protective bags and placed in protective shipping cartons and containers with labeling that includes human readable labels. Inventory is stored in our facilities using Telecommunications industry approved containers, boxes and methods and are handled with the utmost care, meeting all quality standards for Telecommunication inventory management protocols.

Supplier Evaluation and Qualification

Qualification of suppliers is a critical part of our overall quality system. Being a leading telecommunications equipment supplier, Phoenix Telecom Solutions has established stringent supplier evaluation and acceptance standards. These standards are communicated to all suppliers and potential suppliers prior to Phoenix Telecom Solutions working with them when requesting quotations and/or issuing purchase orders. Our qualifications include conducting on-site visits to key suppliers to ensure they are capable of meeting our performance and quality standards. In addition, each supplier candidate goes through a verification process that checks to ensure we are only dealing with competent, solvent enterprises with verifiable capabilities and performance. We have established and use a comprehensive set of performance metrics to measure not only initial quality of suppliers but to measure ongoing performance. This evaluation and qualification process is a core to our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

The refurbished or secondary market for equipment, is at times, a marketplace where some companies make and distribute counterfeit products and may attempt to pass them off as OEM original products. Phoenix Telecom Solutions does not deal with companies that participate in these activities. We have also put in place processes and procedures to protect us and our customers from receiving counterfeit material. This includes not only detection methods, but working with U.S. Customs and the Department of Commerce to identify companies and countries suspected of participating in these activities and making sure we do not deal with such businesses and that we assist Federal officials in all that they attempt to do to stop the flow of counterfeit materials into the US telecommunications market.