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Maintenance And Repair Services

telecom maintenance and repair

Now that your network has been installed for a number of years, the question of maintaining it in the most cost-effective manner is something that is top of mind for most of our customers. Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers customer specific telecommunication equipment maintenance solutions to improve network operations while reducing costs.

Below is a partial list of Phoenix Telecom Solutions telecommunications equipment repair services available.

Telecom Equipment Repair and Exchange Services

Phoenix Telecom Solutions supports both factory new and legacy equipment. Our average turnaround time (TAT) is less than 14 days on equipment repaired and less than 3 days on exchanged or advance replacement products. Our telecommunications equipment mainteneance services include switching, transport, power, data, wireless BTS & BSC, linear power amplifiers, filters, combiners, mixers and microwave radios. Equipment is repaired internally and through our network of certified partners.

Standard warranty is 12 months on telecommunications equipment repairs and exchanges. Contact Phoenix Telecom Solutions and request a Service Material Authorization (SMA) form to get started along with a purchase order if parts are not covered by warranty or service level agreement (SLA).

Redeployment of Assets

Phoenix understands that Service Provider networks are always changing and the need to redeploy certain assets is one way to reduce capital expenditures and improve standardization within the network. Phoenix Telecom Solutions works closely with both Service Providers and OEMs to decommission, package, transport, test, reload customer provided software and redeploy those network elements across the globe. Phoenix handles all international customs requirements on behalf of our customers.

On Site Engineers or Technicians

Having sufficient internal resources to manage network operations, at times can be a challenge to Service Providers and OEMs. As result, Phoenix Telecom Solutions has partnered with leading "Tech-Power" agencies to provide these services to Phoenix which we manage for our customers. Phoenix Telecom Solutions understands that certain projects are not easily forecast, and as a result, your current staff may be unable to manage such increased workloads. Customers count on Phoenix Telecom Solutions to manage these unexpected network operational needs. We look forward to the opportunity of managing these projects on your behalf.