Remanufacturing Services

World-class Remanufacturing
And Engineering Facilities

As a part of our total solutions supporting Service Providers and OEMs with products and services they require, Phoenix Telecom Solutions operates a 95,000 square foot telecom equipment remanufacturing distribution center (RDC), located in Durham, North Carolina (RTP) serving the needs of global Service Providers and OEMs.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions' world class, highly trained Service Provider and OEM engineers and technicians, perform a multitude of telecom equipment remanufacturing services in support of our global customer base. All of our offered services are managed by an ISO9001:2008 quality management system, incorporating numerous requirements and metrics from TL9000. Our internal proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) further provides Phoenix with unique competitive advantages.

Our ever growing portfolio of services includes the following:

  • Refurbishment and recertification of telecommunication equipment to OEM and service provider standards.
    • Wireline switches, transmission, and transport
    • Wireless mobile switching centers, GSM/CDMA base stations, combiners, linear power amplifiers, power supplies, and other supporting products, etc.
  • Reconfiguration and engineering services to customer requirements and specifications.
  • Reclamation and restoration of goods received from customer locations. These services include sorting, inspecting, receiving and storing of goods for refurbishment and redeployment.
  • Testing and recertification of equipment to customer required revision levels, at the frame, cabinet, chassis, circuit pack (FRU) and component level.
  • Component harvesting of critical components to support end of life circuit packs, frames, bays and shelves refurbishment.
  • Strategic sourcing of FRUs and components to support repair and exchange operations.
  • Spare parts management of critical spares on a global basis.
  • On-site installation, trouble shooting and restoration.
  • Asset disposition/destruction in ISO14000 facilities with the ability to provide certificates of destruction.

Our customers have access to inventory held for them by Phoenix Telecom Solutions, utilizing our secured web portal, providing real-time visibility of their equipment, 24x7. Features of our web portal include: product search, order creation, order acknowledgment, order status review and locations. The warehouse management system was created by Phoenix Telecom Solutions to meet the unique requirements of the telecom equipment remanufacturing and manufacturing industry and more specifically, our customers.

Ask us to explain how our telecom equipment remanufacturing distribution center can help extend the life of your network, while lowering costs and maintaining or improving the quality and reliability of your existing legacy and/or next generation networks.