Phoenix Telecom Solutions

Expert Surplus Asset
Remarketing Programs

Phoenix Telecom Solutions is your one-stop source for all your material management and telecom asset remarketing needs. We have the solutions that make this process efficient and profitable for our Service Providers and OEMs customers. Our programs return more revenue to customers than traditional auction sales while offering worry free, low risk alternative solutions.

The thought of decommissioning a legacy network creates a stressful environment for many of our customers. The magnitude of such a project requires planning and integration of engineering, operations, purchasing and finance. Questions are asked internally about who will do the decommissioning, when will it be done, will it affect service to our customers, where will we store the equipment once it is decommissioned and what will we do with it once it is in our warehouse? Do we have adequate warehouse space for equipment after the removal?

Phoenix Telecom Solutions is here to assist you with any and all of your surplus telecom asset remarketing requirements. A critical factor in a project to decommission a legacy network is trying to recover the maximum net revenue for the assets and selecting when the best time is to remarket the equipment. Phoenix Telecom Solutions specializes in providing our customers with market intelligence on the value of these assets and the optimum time to remarket them to the global market place.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers the following telecom asset remarketing
services to our customers on a global level:

Analysis – Phoenix Telecom Solutions will complete an analysis of your existing network to determine what legacy equipment has value and what will need to be scrapped in an environmental compliant manner.

Decommissioning – Our teams of professionally trained engineers and technicians will properly decommission your network, protecting your investment by following industry standard practices. This process ensures your equipment is not damaged nor key components misplaced or lost during the decommissioning process. These services can be performed during off peak hours to minimize any interruptions during the transition period to the newer generation network.

Inventory Management – Phoenix Telecom Solutions will provide inventory management services to include recording all equipment in a shared database accessible through a secured web portal, transporting equipment to a Phoenix Telecom Solutions facility, cleaning and repackaging the equipment.

Telecom Asset Remarketing – Our team will remarket this equipment to other customers in the global market place. Phoenix Telecom Solutions uses a combination of internet marketing and sales, direct sales and partner sales channels to ensure our customers are receiving the most return for their assets.

Allow Phoenix Telecom Solutions to handle your telecom asset remarketing and disposition of your legacy network; this allows you to focus on efficient installation of the next generation network.