Strategic Sourcing

Phoenix Telecom Solutions is your ideal partner for all your product sourcing and asset remarketing needs. Our market knowledge and industry experience makes Phoenix the partner of choice to provide tested quality legacy spares and to remarket excess material for the highest value.  We have the product expertise and global market connections to source “hard to find” legacy product that keeps legacy networks running at the lowest possible costs.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Strategic SourcingFor over 10 years now, Phoenix has been a proven partner to global OEMs, needing legacy spares to meet SLA obligations, and to Service Providers needing maintenance spares to keep their legacy networks running.  Customers come to Phoenix for product sourcing based on strengths including:

  • Experienced, knowledgeable team members
  • Well -developed sourcing/valuation tools
  • Broad/Diverse supply of legacy inventory
  • Test facilities/quality processes

This combination of People and Processes allows Phoenix to quickly and efficiently deliver the availability and pricing information needed to make decisions and keep legacy networks running.

Phoenix is also here to assist you with any and all of your surplus asset remarketing requirements. A critical factor in a project to decommission a legacy network is trying to recover the maximum net revenue for the assets and selecting when the best time is to remarket the equipment. Phoenix specializes in providing our customers with market intelligence on the value of these assets and the optimum time to remarket them to the global marketplace.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Strategic Sourcing

When partnering with Phoenix you can be assured of the highest quality and environmental responsibility due to Phoenix’s continued commitment to ISO9001/TL9000 and R2 processes and certifications.  Phoenix performs all of its services and testing in accordance with our certified ISO9001/TL9000 quality processes and properly disposes of excess waste following R2 guidelines.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers the following asset remarketing services to our customers on a global scale:

Asset Valuation – Using our “Touch Once” philosophy Phoenix will complete an analysis of your existing network to determine what legacy equipment can be “Reused”, what should be “Remarketed” and what will need to be “Recycled” under Phoenix’s R2 guided environmental responsible processes.

Decommissioning / Asset Recovery – Our teams of professionally trained engineers and technicians will properly decommission and remove your network and recover the assets, protecting your investment by following industry-certified processes. We ensure your equipment is kept in working condition and key components are secured and protected during the decommissioning process.

Inventory Management – Phoenix will provide inventory management services to include recording all equipment in a shared database accessible through a secured web portal, transporting equipment to a Phoenix facility, cleaning and repackaging the equipment.

Asset Remarketing – Our team will remarket the recovered equipment to customers in the global marketplace. Phoenix uses a combination of internet marketing and sales, direct sales and partner sales channels to ensure our customers are receiving the most return for their assets.

Consignment / Logistics – Phoenix works closely with several OEMs and Carriers to inventory, store, sell and redistribute their excess inventory.  Phoenix will get the maximum value from your excess inventory through our marketing activities and aggressive sales force allowing you to concentrate on your core business while easily viewing your live inventory and sales via a secure web portal.

Repair Management / Injection – Phoenix works with several customers to manage their reverse logistics operations.  Phoenix works closely with our customers regarding historical trend data, using the data to determine when and where failures are likely to occur in the network.

Allow Phoenix Telecom Solutions to handle your Decommissioning, Inventory Management and Asset Remarketing needs for your legacy network. This allows you to focus on efficient installation of the next generation network.



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With Phoenix Telecom Solution’s Strategic Sourcing You Can Expect:

  • Global sourcing reach
  • OEM quality saving 50%
  • Fully tested product
  • Fully warranted