Phoenix Telecom Solutions | TestingOne of the true strengths of Phoenix is our in-house Test and Screen capabilities.  Any Legacy product that moves through our facility is Certified by our technicians, using OEM-specified processes.

The rigorous five-step Test and Screen process detailed below ensures the highest standard for product performance and quality.

  • We identify, inspect, and inventory all equipment chassis, bays, and individual cards.  Equipment is identified by manufacturer serial number, bar-coded, entered in our warehouse tracking system, and stored in a static-free, climate-controlled facility.
  • Orders are custom-configured to meet client specifications and facilitate plug-and-play operation.
  • Equipment is powered-on and booted-up to confirm revision levels and to reset factory default configurations. We then perform diagnostic testing of the integrated product, including optical level, protection switching, and functionality.
  • All custom configurations and tests are printed, recorded in our system, and reviewed by our certified technicians prior to equipment being released to the shipping department.
  • After the equipment is given one final visual inspection, the order is packed in individual, anti-static, reinforced custom package to prevent any shipping or handling damage.

The result of this Test and Screen process is best in class product quality with return rates below 0.5%.