Legacy Extended Life

Phoenix Telecom Solutions works with OEMs to “Extend the Life” of their legacy product, allowing them to reduce costs, refocus their strategic direction, and invest their capital in emerging technology. All while preserving customer relationships with continuing Legacy technology support. Phoenix’s trained technicians and knowledgeable order management teams deliver identical quality and service, thus providing exceptional value to the OEM customer base.

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The key to success is the partnership developed between Phoenix’s team of engineers and technicians and the OEM teams. They work together to set up the systems to the same measurements and standards as the OEM, so that all manufacturing and testing is to the original OEM specifications. Once completed, Phoenix then takes over the manufacturing of the product for the OEM thus extending the product life.

Additionally, warehousing rules and accounting guidelines are established, facilitating the use of Phoenix’s warehouse as a storage and shipping location for current inventories and all newly manufactured product.Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Legacy Extended Life

Order Management

As part of the partnership with the OEM, Phoenix works with the OEM to take over responsibility for existing legacy customers’ backorders and new orders.  Each OEM partnership is customized to the OEM needs and can include receiving customer orders telephonically or electronically.  Orders can be entered in the OEM system, the Phoenix system or both.  Phoenix understands that a seamless integration between the OEM, Phoenix and the OEM’s customer is of utmost importance.

Technical Support

Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Extended LifePhoenix can staff a call center with dedicated engineers 24/7 to support the unique needs of our maintenance agreement customers. Technical support could include real-life system emulations with the same product and software revisions to duplicate the customer’s exact system specifications in a controlled environment.

Assembly/Integration Services

OEM qualified engineers are available to custom-build systems based on customer specifications, either within the Phoenix lab with shipment to the field or on-site at the customer facility.  The
Assembly/Integration services include OEM specific hardware and software.  Following the customer’s exact specifications of Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Warehousesystem, shelf and slot labeling are just some of the details that sets Phoenix apart.

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With Phoenix Telecom Solutions’ Legacy Extended Life Services You Can Expect:

  • Low cost product service delivery alternative
  • Software supported program management
  • OEM quality delivery
  • Assembly/kitting/integration capability