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Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers a complete range of Engineering and Technical Services within our Professional Services division. The goal of our Professional Services program is to provide the resources needed to properly Engineer and Design your project to insure cost effective and timely implementation.  We strive to work “Hand in Glove” with our customers to provide a tailored solution to each unique situation.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Engineering & Design Services

Phoenix’s Engineering Team is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective telecommunications engineering services at every stage of your project. Our primary areas of expertise include:

  • Network Planning & ReviewPhoenix Telecom Solutions | Engineering & Design
  • Remote Site and Central Office Equipment Planning, Specifications Package Development & Creation
  • OEM and Carrier Proprietary System Input and Management
  • Site Surveys
  • Project Management

Phoenix provides trusted engineering services for wireline and wireless networks including broadband and Wi-Fi technologies. We work with both OEM’s and Services Providers to provide ISP and OSP engineering solution.

Our goal is to be the trusted provider of engineering solutions that facilitate “Turnkey” project implementation. This simplifies project execution and assures a single point of responsibility for project completion.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Engineering & Design




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With Phoenix Telecom Solution’s Engineering & Design Services You Can Expect:

  • Turnkey Engineering support
  • OEM Trained Experienced Engineers
  • Software supported Engineering/Design
  • Customer Proven Solutions