Customer Challenge

  • One of the nation’s leading service providers is challenged with expanding their IP and Cloud based data network infrastructure while ensuring the quality and customer service reliability of their remaining legacy networks.
  •  Limited capital spending available to maintaining desired quality spare inventories to sustain their Legacy network technologies reliability.
  • Customer needed lower cost OEM quality products maximizing their limited capital budget for legacy technologies while maintaining high network performance standards.

Phoenix Solution

  •  Phoenix collaborated with the Service Provider to develop ongoing working agreements and requirements to partner on solutions allowing Phoenix to provide cost effective reuse equipment sourcing support for our clients.
  • Phoenix built a dedicated and proprietary protected client online interface tool to monitor, source and manage current customer equipment needs and future reuse spare equipment acquisition planning.
  • Phoenix employs experienced former Service Provider subject matter experts to the Phoenix team to convey and deliver customer value add cost control and network sustainability opportunities that using high quality reuse equipment brings to their business.
  • Phoenix proactively supports Service Provider’s inventory planning teams with weekly inventory availability search results for projected customer equipment usage needs providing additional product acquisition support to the provider.

Customer Benefits

As a result of Phoenix’s experience, technical strength and commitment to delivering a quality solution, the Service Provider realized multiple benefits below.

  • Able now to do “more with less” sustaining their legacy technology network infrastructure.
  • Sharper strategic, operational and capital budgeting focus on deploying new technologies versus maintaining legacy technologies.
  •  Lower delivered product costs due to Phoenix’s lower reuse costs.
  • Lower Inventory investment through the use of Phoenix strategic sourcing lowering maintenance spares and repair costs.
  • More inventory sourcing capabilities and resources using Phoenix’s reuse market sourcing experts to help the client find hard to find discontinued products.
  • A very satisfied set of customers who can extend the life of their legacy networks!