Phoenix Telecom Solutions

Renewing And Extending The Life
Of Telecommunications Networks

newtwork renewal

Network renewal is an important element of the telecommunications industry. At Phoenix Telecom Solutions, we will take care of all of your network renewal needs. We maintain large warehouses stocked with spare tested telecom parts to provide customers with multi-vendor spare part management. We deliver these spare parts to network renewal technicians and their facilities all around the globe. With our expedited shipping we ensure that you will get the part you are looking for on time.

At Phoenix Telecom Solutions we also offer maintenance and repair services for network renewal. Phoenix Telecom Solutions supports both factory new and legacy equipment. Our average turnaround time for network renewal equipment is less than 3 days on exchanged or advanced replacement products and for repaired equipment is less than 2 weeks.  Our repair services include switching, transport, power, data, wireless BTS & BSC and microwave radios. Our network renewal program equipment is repaired internally and through our network of certified repair partners.

If you are looking to do a complete network renewal, overhaul, de-installing, installing or redeploying a network, Phoenix Telecom Solutions can help. Phoenix is an expert in managing field services for telecom customers. Our OEM professionally trained engineers and technicians perform field services on a global basis. Our team has experience working with both Service Providers and OEMs and will perform any planning, engineering, site surveys, adds, moves or changes to wireline and wireless infrastructures. Our services also include testing, reconfiguring, physically restoring and commissioning of equipment.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions is your  trusted partner in telecom network renewal.