Phoenix Telecom Solutions

Solutions for OEMs

Phoenix Telecom Solutions and its IS09001:2008 quality management system (QMS) and management are committed to providing services to our global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. As a telecommunication equipment manufacturer and technical services provider, Phoenix offers services that include, providing remanufacturing, reconfiguration and recertification of telecom equipment. This encompasses physical restoration, testing, repair and exchange services, field services, and global spare parts management and asset recovery and remarketing. Phoenix Telecom Solutions has the expertise and experience delivering these telecom solutions for OEM partners globally. Our programs are designed for each client specifically, with the expectation of delivering unrivalled solutions while providing exceptional value.

Telecom Solutions for OEMs -  Remanufacturing and Recertification Services

Phoenix Telecom Solutions specializes in working with OEMs which have either secondary market B Stock offerings or are considering the development of alternative supply chains to support their customers. Our clients turn to Phoenix Telecom Solutions to develop, implement and manage all telecom equipment remanufacturing activities. These activities include, reconfiguration and engineering services coupled with the sorting, inspecting, receiving and storing of goods for refurbishment and redeployment. Phoenix also perform thorough testing, restoration and recertification of equipment to OEM customer required specifications and revision levels, at the frame, bay, shelf, cabinet, chassis, circuit pack (FRU) and component level. Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers component harvesting of critical components to support end-of-life circuit pack (FRU) refurbishment. All the equipment Phoenix Telecom Solutions remanufactures and recertifies meets OEM and service provider standards.

Telecom Solutions for OEMs - Test, Repair and Exchange Services

Managing post sales activities for global customers is challenging for the large organizations. As a telecom equipment and technical services provider, Phoenix Telecom Solutions has developed unique expertise and experience as well as a network of partners that enable Phoenix to provide these telecom solutions for OEMs on a global basis. Our service offerings include physical restoration, reconfiguration, testing, repair and exchange services for wireless GSM and CDMA products, wireline circuit and packet switching, power, transport and IT related equipment. Our supply chain management organization manages the end-to-end repair and exchange operations, including call center support, the issuance of RMAs, international documentation and customs requirements, shipping & receiving and warranty management. All equipment repaired or exchanged meets Service Provider and OEM standards.

Telecom Solutions for OEMs - Technical Field Services

Phoenix Telecom Solutions provides planning, site-surveys, engineering, installation and removal services on a global basis. Phoenix works with OEMs in a subcontract role, assisting in the build-outs, reconfigurations and recertification and removal of wireless and wireline networks. Phoenix installation services include planning, design assistance, engineering, warehousing and logistics management, installation, troubleshooting, and commissioning as well as ongoing maintenance support as requested. Phoenix Telecom Solutions works with our OEM clients to coordinate the removal of legacy networks, without the interruption of critical services. These services include removal, redeployment, warehousing and logistics management, customs requirements, for International work orders, and asset resale of excess equipment or disposal of the equipment in eco friendly and environmental and regulatory compliant manner. Removal services include a central office and or BTS locations.

Telecom Solutions for OEMs - Global Spare Parts Management

The management of mission critical spare parts of new and used telecom equipment is a core competency of Phoenix Telecom Solutions. Being a telecommunication equipment and technical services provider, Phoenix understands the need to have parts strategically located globally to support installed networks and recently deployed new networks. Having the ability to view inventory levels, request immediate delivery of spare parts, and maintain seed stock levels are all services Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers our clients through our Global spare parts management team and a network of logistics companies across the globe. Our proprietary web based WMS system, which is highly customized for the telecommunications and IT markets, allows Phoenix to serve our clients with instant real-time access to information in order to make immediate critical spares decisions. Phoenix Telecom Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for managing spare parts on a global basis.

Telecom Solutions for OEMs - Asset Recovery

Maximizing revenues from excess, obsolete and multi vendor field removals is an important requirement for any OEM. Phoenix Telecom Solutions offers our clients the ability to have a single-source vendor assist with all asset recovery activities. These services include resale of E&O and multi vendor field removals in the secondary market to Service Providers and large enterprises. This allows recovery of a maximum of revenue for this equipment. In addition, Phoenix offers value added services which include the ability to refurbish, restore, test, reconfigure and warrant the products to generate the highest level of return to our clients. Phoenix Telecom Solutions always attempts to refurbish and resell legacy equipment but follows our clients' direction around asset destruction, recommending that destruction be used only as a last resort.