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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Remanufacture

Competition among telecommunication Service Providers and OEMs has always been extremely competitive. Because of this fierce competition, new technologies are continually coming into market, making older legacy equipment models obsolete. Customers and potential prospects tend to choose telecom companies like Phoenix based on their expertise, taking into account the company's prime focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability. Having a green focus when it comes to the decommissioning and recycling of these end-of-useful-life electronics is something worth investing some time and research. This is becoming increasingly important as we all strive to become better global citizens.

green lifecycle chart

The challenge of dealing with outdated legacy equipment is very much an international issue. A majority of the equipment that is decommissioned can be remanufactured, recertified and sent to various countries whose telecom technology matches the available removed equipment. Phoenix Telecom Solutions tries to adopt this method whenever possible, employing a team focused solely on selling legacy equipment. Other legacy equipment can be used in conjunction with newer technologies to provide more capacity or help ease transition periods. But what do you do when a piece of equipment is so far outdated that it has no use anywhere? That is when having a reputable legal compliant recycling program in place can help curb losses, reduce future liabilities and help companies get the most out of their decommissioned equipment.

When recycling a piece of outdated telecommunication equipment, sophisticated machines are used to separate the various materials. The materials are separated typically into groups of plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous material. Plastics can be melted down and used in the plastic mold injection manufacturing. The ferrous material (metal, iron, steel) can be resold to steel buyers and the non-ferrous materials like gold, copper and aluminum can be smelted and reused in various industries in numerous applications.

When attempting to make your telecom business the greenest it can be, the best thing to do is have a good partner like Phoenix that can refurbish, recertify, repackage and resell your legacy equipment. This causes the least amount of waste and impact on the environment.