Environmental Responsibility

Reuse, Recycle and Remanufacture

Phoenix Telecom Solutions is a strategic partner to OEMs and Carriers Service Providers, with proven experience maximizing the lifecycle and utilization of network assets.  Our award-winning expertise in areas such as supply chain efficiency, reverse logistics and sustainable asset disposition has made us the trusted partner of choice for telecom network renewal and environmental best-practices.

Decommissioning and Asset Value Recovery: Phoenix’s Asset Value Recovery program governance approach includes full asset traceability and transparency to meet industry best practices, client-specific requirements, and governmental regulations. We are committed to ensuring your material is redeployed, resold or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner with zero landfill. We are well-versed with EPA and Global mandates governing the responsible disposal of equipment.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions | Green Lifecycle ManagementRecycling Management: Phoenix is an industry leader in environmental best practices and we are well-versed with domestic and global mandates governing the environmentally responsible handling of equipment. Phoenix will ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. We partner with reputable recycling companies to provide clear transparency into material flows from initial pickup to downstream material use including Certificates of Destruction, Assays and compliance reporting.

Our company is ISO 14001:2004 and R2 certified and we partner with recycling companies who share our commitment to sustainability.

Built on the foundation as Nortel’s North America refurbishment center, Phoenix has the trained technicians and well developed refurbishment processes to be the refurbishment partner for industry’s OEM’s. With repair trusted repair partners and refined test processes, Phoenix has the capability to deliver fully tested refurbished product to sustain an OEM’s legacy technology.

Our company is ISO 14001:2004 and R2 certified and we partner with repair companies who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.


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